This independence day 6.12.2018 we invite everyone along to build a world where there’s no room for fascism.

The far-right and right-wing populism have gained power all over the world from people’s dissatisfaction while claiming minorities are to blame for the growing inequality. Their rhetoric pits different groups against each other all while they themselves are working to destroy the rights and basic social security of workers, women, LGBT people, native people, immigrants, unemployed people, pensioners, students, and sick and disabled people. In reality, none of their ”options” offer us anything.

In recent years the far-right in Finland have come together in several events on independence day to celebrate their hateful agenda. The most visible one of these events has been the 612 torch march held in Töölö. The march tried to present itself as moderately patriotic and politically independent. However it’s well known that it’s organized by multiple far-right coordinators and meant to bring together a large front of like-minded groups from the Finns Party to Timo Hännikäinen’s web publication Sarastus, Suomen Sisu, and even the nazi organisation Nordic Resistance Movement. Hännikäinen has organized and fronted the event since the beginning and is infamous for his racist and misogynistic writings. Because of these writings, the publishing house Kiuas led by Hännikäinen and Suomen Sisu was banned from participating in the Helsinki Book Fair this year.

The rise of the violent far-right is not a problem just in Finland. In many countries they have organized in the streets while right-wing populists have been normalizing similar xenophobic rhetoric in public arenas. Last autumn in Chemnitz, Germany there were several demonstrations as well as street patrols that assaulted people who ”look like immigrants”. Politicians from the right-wing populist party Alternative für Deutschland were seen at the demonstrations. In Finland members of the parliamentary Finns Party are also involved in Suomen Sisu, and they frequently attend far-right events.

Several anti-fascist operatives pursuing a free and equal society have shown their power in recent years and managed to limit the growth of fascist movements. Standing up to the far-right is the duty of everyone who values freedom, equality and human dignity. Fascism and nazism are not opinions but an insult against humanity. Anti-fascism is a choice for humanity. Let’s get together and show the far-right that there’s no room for their ideology in Helsinki, Finland, or anywhere else!

We are stronger together!

The time and place of the demonstration will be announced closer to the event.

The event is organized by A-ryhmä,Finland-Rojava, the Left Youth of Helsinki and Varisverkosto.